Nothing says “Congratulations Graduates!” like a brawl between parents at a Tennessee high school graduation VidMe Screenshot

Nothing could make an adult look more like an idiot than getting into a fight at their kid’s high school graduation — as they’re walking down the aisle, no less.

That’s what happened at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn., Tuesday night during Arlington High School’s graduation as students made their way into the arena for the ceremony. And the scene was every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

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Witnesses said the scuffle erupted over a seat that someone claimed was saved for another person. A cell phone video shows two women throwing punches in every direction and a woman in a brown dress hitting a man, then shoving a young woman. Then the hair pulling begins and all hell breaks loose.

Several Bellevue security officers had to step in to break up the melee, and in the end, one woman was led away in handcuffs and another was being detained at the scene.

In a subsequent statement, school officials acknowledged the disturbance but said it didn’t detract from the ceremony. No word yet on whether anyone was charged, but it’s safe to say the whole thing leaves a significant enough black eye even without any legal ramifications.

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