One dude made a massive mistake when he tried picking a fight with a guy dressed like a Kung Fu master LiveLeak Screenshot

If you would’ve told me when I woke up today, I’d get to see a self-taught Kung Fu master face-off against a tiny, angry guy, there’s no way in hell I would’ve believed you. But stranger things have happened, and I give to you, Mr. Miyagi vs. one pissed off little dude.

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The fight was sloppy as could be from the get go, but very entertaining nonetheless. With a few landed strikes and even more that missed, these two stumbled around while providing a free show to all of the bystanders in attendance.

Just imagine if they would’ve kept going. Which one of them would have gained the upper hand? My money is one the smaller fella. Not sure why, he just seemed to be fighting with a bit more ferociousness.

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