Referee gets attacked by player and ends up turning the tables and beating the crap out of him YouTube Screenshot

That’s a welcomed change.

Most of the videos we’ve seen showing a referee getting attacked, whether it’s been soccer, rugby or any other sport, usually involves the ref getting his ass kicked pretty royally.

This particular fracas took place in a match in Argentina between clubs Ocampo Fabrica and Huracan when referee Alexis Meza gave a player his second yellow card for a reckless tackle at the 5:06 mark of the video. That player, Carlos Godoy, didn’t take kindly to the call, which meant his immediate ejection from the game.

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Godoy attacked Meza with a flurry of punches, but for once the ref wasn’t having any of it and ended up doling out the punishment, landing quite a few more blows. Players from both sides then came together, some trying to stop the brawl and others throwing punches.

Eventually, security guards had to be called in to quell things before the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

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