The LFL is delivering what the XFL couldn’t with shenanigans like this one-punch KO YouTube Screenshot

Remember the ill-fated XFL back in 2001? In case you missed it (and a lot of people apparently did), it was a professional football league that promised a no-holds-barred mix of wrestling and football, but failed to deliver and folded after just one season.

Well, the ladies of the Legends Football League (LFL), formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, have picked up that baton and are running like hell with it. A recent Omaha Heart-Pittsburgh Rebellion game provided the prefect illustration.

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When Heart defensive back Amanda Hogan got a little chippy with a Pittsburgh receiver after she scored on a two-point conversion, a Rebellion player who wasn’t even in the game came onto the field to defend her teammate. But Hogan wasn’t having it and sent her to the ground with a right hook.

You got chicks with bad intentions and great bodies playing football in their underwear with the occasional donnybrook thrown in. What else do you need besides a beer?

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