The nephew of this NHL legend and notorious brawler is making his uncle proud as he throws down in a box lacrosse match Twitter Screenshot

For some people, the best part about hockey is the fights, and for those not fans of the finesse parts of hockey, it’s the only part of the sport they look forward to. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being guilty of this. With the exception of the Stanley Cup finals, it’s the only reason I watch.

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One of the most notorious brawlers in NHL history is Brendan Shanahan, so when we came across footage of his nephew getting into similar bouts in an indoor lacrosse league, the family relation made perfect sense.

Devlin Shanahan is the goalie of the Mimico Mountaineers, a Junior A Box Lacrosse team up in Ontario, Canada. And it’s obvious that fighting runs in the family. Just to show you what we mean, we’ve included some of his uncle’s finer moments on the ice.

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