These metro brawlers punched their tickets to the throwdown express LiveLeak Screenshot

There’s probably never really an ideal place to ever get into a fight, but if you absolutely have to throw down, the metro is one of the worst places to do it. You’re in a closed space with a lot of people around. You’ve got those sliding doors that you can get stuck in. You can fall onto the tracks. There’s just too many opportunities for something to go really, really wrong.

But apparently these dudes didn’t care about any of that when decided to have a little tussle it in a metro car.

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After a flurry of punches were thrown inside of the metro bus inside, the fight spilled out onto the platform, where each fighter’s friends decided to jump in.

We’d say Team Suits came away with the victory in the end, which is kind of surprising, considering they faced a serious disadvantage when it came to mobility. But then again, when you’re wearing a suit, you have to always mean business.

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