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Supportive parents are all any kid could really ask for, right? Having parents that are there to help you make decisions and offer advice are what it’s all about. But there’s a certain kind of support that goes in the opposite direction of productive.

Which brings us to this parenting duo, who probably won’t be up for any Parent of the Year awards anytime soon.

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As their daughter squared up with another girl, these two class acts did everything except be good parents. Her dad was coaching her like an MMA fighter after she was taken to the ground by the other girl. “Ground and pound, sister,” he said, and then encouraged her to lock her legs around the waist of her opponent.

If that wasn’t enough, her loving and caring mother entered into the fray: “You’d better not stop Nicole or I’m beating your ass, plain and simple.”

Eventually the melee was over, but not before this white trash parenting tag team showed the world how truly amazing they aren’t at parenting.