This drunk muscle head thought he was tough stuff, but a swift kick changed all of that YouTube screen shot

Having big muscles and being strong is cool and all, but all it takes is a little bit of alcohol to throw you off your game.

Take this jacked douche, for example. It appears he was being loud and obnoxious, which tends to happen when one downs too many cosmos, and one person in particular felt disrespected by the nuisance. At first, it looked as if the meathead would escape without being taught a lesson. But, for some reason, his friends let him return to square up and catch a kick to the face. Immediately after eating the head kick, he was punished with a barrage of punches, but then bounced to his feet in an attempt to salvage his dignity.

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After a little more verbal back and forth between the two spar partners, the turbo tool’s buddies came in and kept him from further embarrassment.

Here’s another angle of Harry Hardass over here getting dropped with a quickness.

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