This jerk got himself arrested for assault after getting drunk and starting a fight on a plane Streamable Screenshot

Flying has really become a frightening proposition lately.

As if floating 30,000 feet above terra firma in a metal tube wasn’t enough to worry about, now we’ve got everyone on extremely heightened alert over a repeat of 9-11, coupled with drunk clowns like the guy in this video raising cane in the worst possible place seemingly every other day.

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This latest incident took place on a Nippon Airways flight at Narita International Airport in Japan Monday night when an American passenger went a little too heavy on the cocktails and started behaving irrationally as the flight was about to takeoff for Los Angeles.

According to an airline spokesman, officials saw the man as a potential safety risk and asked him to get off the plane before takeoff. The man, of course, refused, hit a woman passenger in the act of resisting and choked a male employee as he was being escorted off the plane. He was ultimately arrested and charged with assault.

Luckily, the plane wasn’t in the air when all this went down, but Amtrak has frankly never looked better. At least there you’d have a puncher’s chance if the unthinkable happened.

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