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This is what happens when there’s not enough of you to go around.

We’re not sure what this is supposed to be, but “joyous” definitely comes to mind. That is, before these two guys start fighting over who’s going to dance with the lovely young lady. One guy seemed to be waiting his turn while the other guy, a complete jerk, just cuts in.

We doubt he even asked if he could cut in because we’re sure he would’ve been told “no.”

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Of course, the woman wanted nothing to do with either guy at this point, likely sending them both into stage of saltiness (seriously, the guy in the red had all the reason in the world to be pissed).

It looked like the two struck an accord and as the guy in the green gets his dance on, albeit from afar. He should never have broken the truce because the moment he refuses to stop dancing, some guy out of nowhere comes and wails on him!

We hope that dance was worth it, bro.