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Muscle heads and beer. Combine the two and fisticuffs are just about a guarantee. You could set your watch by it.

The kind of convoluted brawl in this video, for example. It’s hard to make sense of this without any background, but it doesn’t look like that would be much help anyway.

One thing you don’t need any help figuring out, though, is that everyone in the vid is loaded, and when that happens there’s always one guy that takes it to another level. In this case, it’s the Colorado Rockies purple shirt dude.

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If anyone deserves to get locked up here, it’s that guy. The dude that takes the beating may have insulted his girlfriend or something, who knows? But he definitely goes overboard in beating the daylights out of a dude who doesn’t even seem to know what planet he’s on.

Too bad the cop in the video was just the flashlight carrying kind. Colorado Rockies guy is the kind of dude everyone likes to see get locked up.