Two kangaroos engage in the ultimate Down Under throwdown YouTube Screenshot

Bad blood doesn’t only exist among humans. It extends into the animal kingdom as well. Every once in a while, some punches and kicks need to be thrown to settle the score. So when two kangaroos were beefing with each other, they took to their version of a street fight to see who reigned supreme.

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At a winery in Queensland, Australia, two kangaroos were slugging it out like they were in the heavyweight fight of their lives. Somehow, they managed to keep at it, even fighting through grapevines at times. These were some skilled kangaroos, because not only were they offensive fighters, but they each had a pretty good defensive game as well, ducking and dodging blows form the other.

It does make you think, though. Usually when humans fight like that, there’s alcohol involved. Considering they were at a winery and all, maybe these two jacked marsupials were hitting the sauce a little too hard.

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