Culinary virtuoso Salt Bae makes a Kobe beef cheeseburger that will bring tears to your eyes Twitter Screenshot

Television is saturated with cooking shows and and chefs these days, but none have anything on this guy.

He’s known on the interwebs as Salt Bae and he’s a Turkish chef named Nusret Gokce (Salt Bae is so much easier to write and surely to pronounce), who owns a chain of six steakhouses.

The guy already had a solid following on social media when a couple months ago, thanks to his peculiar brand of culinary showmanship, his videos started blowing up. Call it iron chef on Broadway.

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Anyway, the guy’s got so much style he needs to have a TV show. His latest creation is a burger made from Kobe beef that he made by tossing a couple of steaks in a meat grinder.

We’re sure it’s tasty, but watching Mr. Bae work his magic is the true highlight. This dude’s got panache like televison cooking has never seen.

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