Seth Rogan and Dominic Cooper try the “Mega Death” sauce and live to painfully regret it YouTube screenshot

When a hot sauce has the word “death” in it, you could only put yourself in harm’s way by trying it.

On the YouTube show Hot Ones, Actor/filmmaker Seth Rogen and actor Dominic Cooper, of the television show Preacher, sampled some chicken wings dipped in hot sauces with names like “Mad Dog 357” and “Zombie Apocalypse” (The best stuff happens around the 9-minute mark).

But they saved the real scorcher, “Mega Death,” for last. The wings were dabbed ever so slightly with the sauce, but their reactions were still pretty NSFW.

“Five-hundred times hotter than jalapeno chili. Use sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution,” the label on the bottle read.

Looks like they should’ve put more stock into those very clear warnings.

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