The Epic Meal Time dudes served up a bagel and lox on steroids that you have to see to believe YouTube Screenshot

If there’s one thing we know about the fellas over at Epic Meal Time, it’s that when they do something, they do it big. In the past, we’ve seen them whip up a 125-pound plate of nachos, a monstrosity called a Boarito and a human-sized hot dog. For a recent episode though, they up switched gears a little and served up a good ol’ fashioned deli treat, but seriously super sized it.

A bagel and lox is fine and all, but it wouldn’t be a true Epic Meal Time special without being about 20x the usual size and stuffed with bacon.

This culinary beast cost $962 to make and is packed full of more than 105,000 calories. Well worth every penny and calorie, we just wish we could’ve been there to help put that thing down.

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