This “magic cannabis chocolate shell” looks delicious and also gets you super baked YouTube Screenshot

With legal marijuana becoming much more common across the United States, it’s only a matter of time before they legalize it on a national level. But until then, people will have to either be fortunate enough to live in one of those glorious states, travel to one of them as often as possible or resort to doing things the old-fashioned way…illegally.

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Some of the various items offered at dispensaries in these legal areas, are marijuana edibles, which come in so many iterations, from cookies and cupcakes, to gummies and soda.

But for those of you looking to take your edible game to the next level, we introduce the “Magic Cannabis Chocolate Shell.”

Foodbeast offers up a step-by-step tutorial to make this tasty treat possible. So, if you’re in one of these aforementioned legal areas, and this sounds good to you, give it a whirl.

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