This San Diego edibles company found a way to make cotton candy even better @bedibles/Instagram

The days of the plain old pot brownie are fading fast.

If you can dream it, chances are someone has already figured out a way to infuse it with cannabis. You’ve got gummy bears, chocolate bars, hard candy, lollipops, burgers, salad dressings, entire pasta dinners and the list goes on and on.

San Diego outfit B-Edibles has just created another: cannabis-laced cotton candy. Although, don’t expect to pick up a stick at the next state fair. They’re made with organic cane sugar, organic flavors and lab-tested cannabis extract. Oh, and for all the pretentious foodies out there, it’s also gluten-free.

Available flavors include watermelon, apple, lavender and rose petals, and they’re available in either 1 oz. containers or on a stem like your standard cotton candy.

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