Watch this pro eater take down a 6-pound burrito like it was nothing more than a snack Facebook Screenshot

One of the hottest food trucks on the mobile eatery circuit in Los Angeles is the White Rabbit Truck. To celebrate the launch of their second truck, they decided to challenge potential competitors to take on a massive six-pound burrito, which Naader “FreakEating” Reda was more than willing to accept.

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The whopping burrito consists of six flour tortillas, six slices of cheese and six heaping scoops of garlic rice, followed by a generous helping of the meat the brave challengers’ choice. As if that weren’t enough, they top it off with six fried eggs.

The typical time allotment to complete the challenge is 30 minutes, but FreakEating barely needed half of that to down the behemoth of a burrito.

In the time it typically takes most people to decide what they want to eat, this foodie scarfed down the six-pound monster. Now that’s impressive.

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