A rattlesnake was sick of a GoPro getting all up in its face, so it knocked it down for a closer look into its den YouTube Screenshot

And down goes GoPro!

When you bring a GoPro into a rattlesnake pit, it’s best to keep your head on a swivel, because you never know when and where a snake just might strike. One Montana man learned that when he tried filming a den of rattlers and almost lost his GoPro in the process.

At around the 2:02 mark, one snake lashes out like an A-lister trying to ward off the paparazzi, and another quick strike brings the GoPro toppling right into the den. WAY too close for comfort.

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Luckily for the owner of the GoPro, he was able to fish it out of the den with a hockey stick. Talk about some excellent stick work.

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