An Australian exhibit called “The Cage of Death” makes shark diving look tame Facebook screenshot

It seems that, somehow, diving with sharks is no longer enough for some in the underwater thrill-seeking set.

This Facebook video, posted by Adventures of Wildlife, shows a couple of adrenaline junkie scuba diver types in a glass tank that’s called “The Cage of Death,” an exhibit in Australia that lowers its brave championers into the waters of Crocosaurus Cove and gives them the experience of diving with monster crocs up to 20 feet long.

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And the crocodile handlers are out to ensure you get your money’s worth by feeding the massive beasts and encouraging aggression right in front of the cage.

What’s worse, a 20-foot Great White shark or a 20-foot croc? That’s like six in one, a half-dozen in the other, if you ask us.

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