Crazy kayaker rides down an insane mountain course in a drainage ditch that would make most people poop their pants YouTube screen shot

It takes quite a bit of skill and experience to navigate a kayak through white water rapids, but Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decided they wanted to up the ante. Sturges and Marr thought it would be a brilliant idea to drag a tandem kayak up to the top of a drainage ditch in the woods.

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With the help of their amazing GoPro camera, we get to relive the terror with the two of them. Just watching the footage is enough to scare the crap out me, it’s hard to imagine this being even remotely fun. What makes this even more fascinating is this wasn’t their first attempt at this ditch. The two had previously done it, in individual kayaks.

They had to use their paddles to maneuver the kayak the entire time and narrowly avoided being decapitated by a low hanging wire. Luckily for them, they made it down fully intact, and it turned out to be some pretty amazing footage.

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