Crazy Minnesotans strapped on their ice skates and hit the ski slopes for this wild video Facebook Screenshot

When you live in Duluth, Minnesota, you get used to the craziness Mother Nature can throw your way. In some parts of the nation, we had nothing short of a mild winter, but in Duluth, they has anything but.

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With the town being located on Lake Superior, they’re used to being blanketed in lake effect snow, and this year wasn’t any different. But bursts of the mild weather did hti the region, which caused a bunch of the snow to melt, only for freezing temperatures to return and cause the mess to freeze over, aptly called refreeze by the locals.

A group of guys did what any red-blooded Minnesotans would do on ice-covered ski trails, they went speed skating.

Apparently they’re pretty good at it, but when you hail from the land of ice hockey, the skates are just part of everyday life.

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