Fisherman nabs a rare catch off the coast of Southern California that looks like some sort of mutant goldfish Facebook Screenshot

Last week, a fisherman in Southern California hauled in the catch of a lifetime, after he pulled this large and extremely rare fish from the water.

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Shawn Steward was fishing near the Channel Islands, near his home of Oxnard, California, when he hooked a big colorful fish, not known to be caught in the area.

He reeled in a 90-pound Opah, also known as a moonfish, a fish more commonly found near Hawaii. Opah are one of the most colorful species of fish available in Hawaii, and are rarely found as far north as this one was caught.

Steward is also the owner of Aloha Spirit Sportfishing, and he posted a video of the crew gutting the huge fish on the boat. So check out this massive catch.

(h/t Outdoor Hub)

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