It took a whole lot of extra power to get this monstrosity of an alligator gar out of the boat Facebook Screenshot

These Texas fishermen hauled in a potential record in the form of this massive alligator gar, and it’s one of the biggest fish we’ve ever seen.

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According to a post on the Facebook page of NO LIMIT Bowfishing Guide Service, the massive fish was caught at Toledo Bend Reservoir, which is a man-made lake on the Sabine River located between Texas and Louisiana. The post credits Gar Commanders on the potential record catch, which measured in at seven-feet and 11.5-inches and weighed a whopping 258-pounds. The fish was so large, they needed a backhoe to lift it from their boat.

Hopefully for these fellas, the alligator gar is confirmed to be a record breaking fish, but either way it’s definitely one hell of a catch.

(h/t Outdoor Hub)

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