If you’re hoping to reel in a catch, don’t swim in this gator’s territory Facebook Screenshot

As a youngster, a fishing trip with your dad can be the perfect occasion to form some childhood memories that will last a lifetime. Usually it’s because of a child’s first catch or the time spent with each other. It’s rare that a near catch is the something, neither of you will ever forget. This trip was one of those occasions.

A kid was reeling in what appeared to be a pretty decent-sized catch, and while he was busy reeling it in, an alligator could be seen working it’s way towards the fish. Before the boy could finish hauling in his fish, the gator decided to go into straight savage mode and snatch the fish up and swam away with it clenched between his teeth.

Guess they didn’t get permission from the gator to be fishing on his turf. He sure showed them.

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