These ladies were having a nice canoe trip, when all of the sudden they were treated to some sort of bird tornado YouTube Screenshot

So I know that “bird tornado” sounds like some sort of shitty Sci-Fi movie premise and that the correct term for this phenomenon of nature is called a murmuration (actually I didn’t know that, I had to look it up), but tell me this wouldn’t be the freakiest thing to witness if you were actually there in that canoe and this madness were happening right over your head.

Maybe most people’s reaction to this would be “oh look at the pretty birds, isn’t nature awesome?” Nope, not me. To me this looks like an apocalyptic bird dance of Hitchcockain proportions that I’d want absolutely no part in.

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I’m sorry, no amount of tranquil-sounding music or stellar camera work is going to convince me that murmuration isn’t some sort of cultish ritual designed to plot the downfall of the human race. Maybe I’m just too woke.

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