Here’s what it looks like to shoot the world’s most powerful handgun YouTube Screenshot

Marketed by Smith and Wesson as the “worlds most powerful handgun,” the .500 Magnum definitely lives up to the hype. Designed in the early 2000s, the .500 blows its competition out of the water, with the capability to fire a 350gr bullet with more than 3000 foot-pounds of energy. Which, in layman’s terms, means that it can fire off a whopping-size bullet at a pretty decent clip.

YouTuber BabeeBlueOnTheTown gave us just a preview of what the .500 Magnum can do in one of her most popular YouTube videos. That thing looks like a tiny cannon in her hands, but we have to say, she wields it pretty proficiently. That poor jug never stood a chance.

If you liked seeing her wield the .500, you should check out some of Babee Blue’s other high-caliber videos.

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