Silly putty may seem like a useless mound of goo, but it can do some serious damage when fired out of a shotgun YouTube Screenshot

Silly putty gets a bad rap as a virtually useless and impractical mound of goo that’s really only good for lifting comic strips and print off of newspapers.

But you’d be surprised at how often it’s been put to good use. In 1968, astronauts on the Apollo took it into to space to keep their tools from drifting off in zero gravity, physical therapists use it to rehabilitate hand injuries and crime scene investigators have used it to lift fingerprints.

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It’s most revolutionary use could be just around the corner, though. An Air Force cadet recently used it to develop a bulletproof goo that could someday dramatically alter body armor and how well it can stop bullets. YouTube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS put the rubbery substance, that’s made by combining boric acid with silicone oil, through its own rigorous testing to find out just how strong it really is.

They loaded up a shotgun with the substance, shot it at a target and were shocked to discover that it remained completely intact, despite all the stress. Looks like somebody stands to make boatloads of cash if and when they figure out how to market the stuff.

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