Stretch Armstrong may be the toughest toy out there, but is he bulletproof? YouTube screenshot

If you had a Stretch Armstrong as a kid, you probably remember how impossibly indestructible they are.

No other toy came close to living as long a life as the gel-filled, banana hammock-wearing bodybuilder. YouTube experiment guru TAOFLEDERMAUS recently decided to find out just how close to immortal Stretch Armstrong really is by taking him to the shooting range and riddling him with bullets.

Four different guns were shot at Mr. Armstrong: a 9mm handgun, a .22 CC Stinger long rifle, a .40 Winchester SXT handgun, and a 12 gauge shotgun.

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The first shot from the 9mm didn’t destroy him, just pierced his torso a bit. But the second shot opened his stomach up pretty good, sending gobs of gel oozing from his stomach. Neither bullet went through, though.

The Stinger rifle also pierced the torso, but failed to go all the way through. Same for the .40 caliber Winchester, it made a hole but no cigar. Stretch finally met his match with the 12 gauge shotgun. And it wasn’t pretty. The result was a hole in his torso so massive, covering it with a band aid like the back of the box recommends was impossible.

The moral of the story? Stretch Armstrong is one durable son of a gun. But just like Tony Montana in Scarface, only to a point.

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