These brothers battled it out in some good ol’ extreme turkey training practice YouTube Screenshot

The Gould Brothers have been known to pull off some pretty badass trick shots, but for a recent YouTube video, the bros battled each other in a attempt to determine who the best turkey hunter was.

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Aaron and Steve are no strangers to a little competition, with more than a dozen “Brother Battles” under their belts.

They kicked off the competition by shooting at a turkey target from 70 yards, with the one scoring the most BB hits being the winner. Steve easily won the first leg of the competition with what looked like a few dozen hits, to Aaron’s seven.

Next, the two launched some red and blue helium balloons. First one to shoot all of his balloons would be the winner of that one. It appeared as if the two tied, but Steve awarded the round to Aaron. Now that’s some brotherly love.

The third and final round consisted of guiding a remote control turkey through a slalom, then activating a clay pigeon to launch into the air, and the one with the fastest time would be the champ. Aaron guided his way through the decoy turkeys, but failed to hit his pigeon, resulting in a five-second penalty. The penalty had ended up not being of significance as Steve nailed the course, and his shot, to beat his brother by 10 seconds.

Steve won two out of three to take the battle, but some would say he possibly won all three rounds.

We’re sure this is just another of many more brother battles to come.

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