They brought out a trench shotgun and took aim at German grenades in an attempt to bust this WWI myth YouTube Screenshot

Trench warfare is a tactic that was heavily used during World War I and with it came myths of how the Americans dealt with German grenades flying towards them. Like true myth busters, the folks over at the Taofledermaus YouTube channel sought once and for all to establish whether it were possible or not for the U.S. soldiers to shoot the grenades with trench shotguns before they could do any damage.

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To keep things realistic, they shot 00 buckshot, which contains nine pellets per shell. You’d probably figure that nine pellets would increase your odds times nine. But it could just as easily decrease your odds by nine, due to the random pattering of the buckshot. Nonetheless, it was great seeing these gunslingers attempt to blast the grenades out the air. In one test, they were hitting the target at 50 percent.

As impressive as it may be, the odds just aren’t good enough for us, especially with grenades flying at our faces. So consider that myth busted.

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