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What started off as a stunt for a pretty epic YouTube video has apparently now turned into an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

For a video back in February, Mark Serbu, of Serbu Firearms, his daughter 50 Cal Val and fellow YouTuber Do It With Dan took to the air in Serbu’s airplane and proceeded to fire an automatic MP5 submachine gun out of the plane. Let’s just say it caught the attention of authorities.

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According to the Tampa Bay Times, the FAA has yet to release a statement. But Serbu had this to say:

“There was no one close to us, no one for at least 10 miles,” he said. “We did everything safe. I had my daughter with us.”

Serbu admitted that he didn’t ask about the legalities, but assumed it was okay, and the Tampa police agreed with him. Guy Haggard, a lawyer specializing in aviation from Orlando, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the FAA follows the lead of Tampa police.

“People use helicopters for things like hog hunts,” Haggard said. “In Florida, you can shoot guns from the sky in some situations.”

He also stated that under FAA regulations, it is legal to drop an object from an aircraft as long as reasonable precautions are taken to prohibit injuries.

Bullets could be defended as “dropping objects,” Haggard said.

We’re not sure if any charges will come from the investigation, but it seems a whole lot of fuss over a kickass video.

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