This Las Vegas shooting range looks like it offers one hell of an experience — just check it out for yourself YouTube screen shot

If you’ve ever had the desire to shoot some of the world’s most exotic firearms, then look no further than Battlefield Las Vegas. It’s a shooting range on steroids and home to one of the sweetest selections of guns you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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Battlefield’s website boasts:

From the trenches of World War I all the way to current operations in the Middle East, we have over 350 different weapons systems to choose from. From hand guns and pistols to fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns to belt-feds and .50 calibers, we have it all here at Battlefield Vegas!

They offer single weapon packages, all the way up to the mother of all shooting experiences, with prices ranging from $25-$1,000. If that isn’t quite enough to satisfy your urge, you can crush a car with an Abrams tank for $2,500.

You name it, they’ve got it. From grenade launchers and machine guns, to shotguns and sniper rifles. So next time and you’re in Vegas and you’re looking for a different kind of thrill, bypass the casino and head over to Battlefield. Blowing a $1,000 on guns would be way cooler than blowing it on craps.

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