Babe entices dudes on the beach with a lotion rubdown and then hits them with the ultimate shocker YouTube Screenshot

Ah, the classic hot-girl-on-the-beach-asking-you-to-rub-suntan-lotion-on-her situation. It’s such a classic trope, but rarely ever happens in real life. So, on the rare occasion that it does, you absolutely have to take full advantage of that.

It’s exactly what these guys were thinking when they wholeheartedly agreed to participate in a lotion rubdown when asked by a mysterious hottie. It turns out though, this seemingly harmless beach babe had ulterior motives and was reeling these unsuspecting gentleman in with a prank of bulge-tastic proportions.

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Yeah, she got them good, and their reactions ranged from slight discomfort to get me the hell out of here. Let this be a warning to all you eager dudes out there: if a hot chick approaches you for any sort of favor, keep your head on a swivel for cameras and the like, because there’s a good chance that it could be too good to be true.

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