Dude recaps an IKEA trip with his wife, and we completely feel his pain Imgur Screenshot

Just hearing the word IKEA is enough to send most men into hiding. But, as the old saying goes: happy wife, happy life,” so we suck it up and go to the dreaded store. One fella took us all along on his dreaded shopping trip with his wife, and needless to say, we felt his pain.

It started with a simple photo of him pre-entering the store, right before the torture began.

Little did he know that his unwanted shopping trip involved the fine-dining cuisine of the Ikea cafeteria.

“Receiving no instruction on where to place my food mobility unit, I have left it here. I hope it will not cause inconvenience.” This is absolutely hilarious, at least he’s found some humor in this treacherous endeavor.

Apparently a mirror is what prompted the trip to begin with, and it looks as if the trip might not be in vain after all.

Unfortunately, this poor guy suffered the trip to Ikea for lunch, a microwave cover, a sugar bowl, a drawer divider and of course, no mirror. And to top it off, then the wife wanted ice cream.

Our dear friend was eventually busted by his wife, but it ended well. You know minus the entire horrific experience.

You can catch the entirety of the Ikea saga here, but suffice to say, it’s some pretty quality entertainment.

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