Glorious VR simulation shows what it would be like if you were locked behind bars and forced to watch Nicolas Cage movie clips YouTube Screenshot

If you’re a Nicolas Cage fan, you’d probably love the new “Cage Cage” virtual reality simulation. If you’re not, you’d absolutely hate it.

Nic Cage fans Mike Lacher and Chris Baker came up with the idea, which simulates what it would be like if you found yourself locked in a cage and enveloped by his movies.

The project, which they say was inspired by their love of watching Cage “losing his mind on screen,” features clips of the often bizarre brand of acting he’s famous for.

“In terms of the clips, they show the kind of Cage we love: freaking out and making deeply weird choices,” Lacher says. “They tend to skew toward some of my favorites in the Cage cannon: The Rock, The Wicker Man, Face/Off, and Bad Lieutenant [Port of Call New Orleans]. With a good smattering of others.”

It works by simply going to the Cage Cage site, putting on your VR glasses and waiting for it to load. Be forewarned, though, watching scene after scene of a crazed Nicolas Cage in virtual reality can make even the most ardent fan a little loopy after a while.

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