It doesn’t get any more awkward than these people telling their parents about how they lost their V-cards YouTube Screenshot

Telling my parents the story of how I lost my virginity is something I never intend on doing. I could go to my grave with the story, and it would probably be the best option. It’s bad enough they know about some of the crazy stuff I’ve done in my day, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and it sounds like a good place.

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Apparently some people either love to torture their parents or have absolutely zero shame. Because not only did these folks tell their parents about the time they first did the deed, they had the whole thing captured on video for everyone to see.

At times, the parents seemed to feel more awkward, but there were definitely some moments that appeared to make the kids feel uneasy.

I’ve got to give these kids credit, they managed to discuss some rather serious stuff with their parents. But as I said before, I’m taking it to the grave. Plain and simple!

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