It may not be your average wardrobe malfunction, but this Vanna White fail is still good for a laugh YouTube Screenshot

This may not be the Vanna White wardrobe malfunction you probably hoped to see, but what became known as “the World’s Most G-Rated Wardrobe Malfunction” is still a game show flub that’s definitely worth a couple of hearty chuckles and maybe a knee slap or two.

In this slip-up from a couple years ago, Vanna apparently exuded so much Christmas spirit that she inadvertently brought a gift box along for a cross-stage ride. Hey, this lady seemed to get a kick out of it.

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All bloopers, goofs and gaffes aside, but can we talk about the fact that Vanna White is freakin’ 60 years old. 60! And just as hot as ever. She could roll across the stage in a clown costume and still be the hottest thing in game shows right now. What a woman.

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