This Family Feud contestant with gerbil on the brain must go to some weird parties YouTube Screenshot

If you hear the phrase ?Name something a doctor might pull out of a person” and your immediate response is “gerbil,” you definitely go to some weird parties, there’s really no other way around it.

This Family Feud contestant could’ve named like fifty other things that would’ve been more plausible than gerbil, so the fact that she was so adamant that people are just getting furry little rodents pulled out of them left and right means that she has seen some crazy stuff in her day. Sure, she claims ?I heard about something like that once,? but unless she had read it like right before the show, there’s no way it would have been that fresh in her mind.

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As always, Steve Harvey’s reaction to this pretty makes the entire moment. We feel you, Steve. We feel you.

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