Whether it’s on The Tonight Show or a hobo show, Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud will always be grade-A entertainment YouTube Screenshot

Steve Harvey is Family Feud. It’s just as simple as that. And, truth be told, it’s really not even about the game aspect itself anymore, because if you think you couldn’t watch Steve make little his little quips and rag on contestants for hours on end, than you’re lying to yourself.

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Even when he went on The Tonight Show, a situation where he could have easily been upstaged, he continued to be the star of the show, whether he was poking fun at Jimmy or bantering with the Roots crew.

It’s no secret that late night shows, with their lip sync competitions and their bullshit carpool karaoke, have been missing the mark for quite some time now, but Steve Harvey as the face of Family Feud will always make for quality comedy and that’s just the truth.

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