100 people were asked to recall the weirdest places they’ve ever had sex, and there were definitely some adventurous types YouTube Screenshot

Sometimes when things get hot and heavy, there’s no time to get to a more appropriate location to have sex. This can lead to some interesting stories, which was made pretty clear in this video.

The people over at WatchCut Video asked 100 people to tell them the weirdest place they’ve ever had sex, and there were definitely some interesting answers.

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While some of the locations were pretty run of the mill, like on a bed or a couch, there were some real doozies in the bunch like on the back wall of LA Fitness, in an antique shop and at a museum. Then there was one dude who just blurted out “vagina!” What a story that must be…

It ran the gamut from people who were saving it for marriage to those who got in on in a church. But speaking of having no shame, to the dude who had sex in his grandparents bed: Come on, man!

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