A lion went berserk at the circus and seriously injured a trainer as kids ran away screaming Sevda Binici/Facebook
Sevda Binici/Facebook

Video of a circus act in Doullens, France shows a lion going berserk in the cage and going after his handler to the shock of a young audience.

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The lion tamer, a 30-year-old man, can be seen getting jumped by a lion and clawed in the throat. It isn’t until co-workers ran out with a fire extinguisher that the man had a chance to get up and run to safety.

Sevda Binici/Facebook

As you can see, he is holding his throat as if to keep everything from falling out. He is said to have been seriously injured by the beast.

Sevda Binici/Facebook

Sevda Benici, the mom who witnessed and filmed this incident, said that the screams you can hear in the video are her six-year-old girl, who “cried all night.”

Sevda Binici/Facebook

She probably wasn’t the only kid traumatized by this. You can see other parents scooping up their children and heading for the exits.

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The lion tamer was reportedly airlifted to the hospital by helicopter.

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