A pilot didn’t blink when gusts of wind made safely landing his small plane a real challenge Facebook/Aviation Wings

It’s always amazing watching humans piloting planes and overcoming suboptimal weather conditions to safely land them.

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This time, although the pilot was clearly on the ground with a remote control in hand, a small plane by plane standards but a large plane by model/RC plane standards was landed successfully.

Facebook/Aviation Wings

You can see the plane wobbling back and forth on its initial approach before going straight up in the air in bizarre fashion. Then, suspended in midair and making weed whacker noises, the plane’s slow descent begins.

Facebook/Aviation Wings

The person piloting it from the ground didn’t blink an eye and skillfully defeated the wind.

Facebook/Aviation Wings

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Now, a lot of people on the internet appear to think that there was a human inside the cockpit of this plane.

Facebook/Aviation Wings

While that is clearly not the case, it’s still impressive that this plane didn’t end up destroyed.

The video has been viewed more than three million times since getting posted on Aviation Wings’ Facebook page on April 14.

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