Diving into 1,000 mousetraps looks painful as hell, but it does look pretty cool in slow motion YouTube Screenshot

Leave it up to YouTube badasses The Slo Mo Guys to come up with something as insane as this stunt. They took roughly 1,000 mousetraps, set them and then put them on a trampoline. You’re probably wondering, why would they put all of those mousetraps on a trampoline? Well, that’s because Dan intended to dive into them, and that’s exactly what he did.

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While you’d think landing on top of a massive amount of traps would be excruciatingly painful, Dan said, “It wasn’t like anything really painful, it was actually kind of comfy.”

We’re not sure in what world diving onto a bunch of mousetraps isn’t painful, but we’re just going to take Dan’s word for it. But hey, the slow motion part looked pretty cool.

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