Drone deliveries may still be in the works, but this KFC lover made his drone do his work for him Facebook Screenshot

Drone delivery is already well on its way. UPS and Amazon both tested the technology earlier this year and the latter has gone on record as saying it’s an absolute certainty that packages weighing up to five pounds will be delivered by drone in the near future.

New Zealand resident Ollie Mason Clarke has decided to preempt all that with his own drone delivery system. He made arrangements with a nearby KFC restaurant in Auckland to have his drone fly in and pick up an order of fried chicken, which he then flew back to his crib.

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Mason-Clarke, who runs the diet website King of Cheat Meals, said he just did it for fun but he we think he may have unwittingly stumbled onto something here. All this technology is making it increasingly easy to be a couch potato.

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