Getting confronted by your wife at a Walmart with your side chick is NOT a good look YouTube Screenshot

Warning: This video contains some strong language. 

All we have to do is mention Walmart, and you know you’re in for a doozy. And this video, which looks like it belongs in an amateur version of Cheaters, is certainly a doozy.

While on a shopping trip in the upscale surroundings of Walmart, a woman stumbled upon her husband and his side chick, which was not a comfortable situation for anyone involved. After the pissed off filmographer verbally berated her husband’s mistress, two Walmart employees stepped in, attempting to deescalate the situation.

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The jilted woman then took things outside, where she continued her tirade in the parking, this time aimed at her cheating husband. Yeah, it would probably be a good thing if that guy laid low for a while. Just not a good look for him in the least bit.

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