It may be the offseason, but these archery drills will keep you from becoming a couch potato this summer Facebook Screenshot

For all those hunters that could use something to do during the offseason, here are a couple videos aimed at fine tuning the muscles used in bow hunting. And they might just help you either become a better shot or increase the poundage on your bow.

The first clip is a drill for improving core strength and stability, vitally important attributes for shooting your bow. Balancing the exercise ball between your knees will help you learn to keep steady and shoot more accurately. After you’ve mastered the balancing part, grab your bow and try drawing it while balancing at the same time. But only start shooting at the target when you feel like you can keep the ball stable enough.

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The second video shows an exercise for strengthening the muscles that hold the weight of the bow and the muscles used to pull it back. This will come in handy if you find yourself having to hold at full draw on a deer that’s taking its good old time to give you a clean shot.

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