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This might be the slowest developing and least frightening shark attack ever recorded.

From our perspective, anyway. It happened in Monterey, California when a great white shark attacked Brian Correiar’s kayak as he was paddling along in the bay.

He later recalled the incident in an interview with National Geographic.

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“It all started with a bang,” he said. “Suddenly the kayak was launched in the air and I fell halfway out of it. It was like a horror movie…I was sure I was done.”

Correriar said he was stunned, but his experience in the water (he’s a trained scuba instructor) guided him through, and he turned over and started doing the backstroke towards the shore, all the while keeping an eye on the shark.

Luckily for him, a man and his wife were on shore nearby and called for help. But the entire incident looked like it took over five minutes to unfold, which must be a lifetime when you’re in the water with a shark.

He was eventually rescued by the Coast Guard, but the whole thing’s gotta leave a lasting mark. Hopefully one deep enough that he won’t be kayaking in waters known to house great whites like Monterey Bay.

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