Loud moaning was heard during this tennis match, but it wasn’t what everyone initially thought it was YouTube Screenshot

There have been plenty of times where we’ve mistaken tennis players moaning and grunting for sexual sounds. With some of them, it’s almost as much a part of their game as their backhand. During this tennis match, the entire crowd heard eerily familiar noises, but this time they were the real thing.

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At the Sarasota Open in Florida, Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were engaging in a grass court battle, when faint moans could be heard throughout the arena. The moans continued to get louder and everything came to a halt. Initially, the match announcer thought it could have been porn or something playing from someone’s phone.

But apparently, there are apartments nearby the courts, and the sounds that everyone was hearing was from a couple actually getting it on. If they could hear those sounds all the way on the court, just imagine how the couple’s neighbors must have felt.

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