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Let’s get a closer look at the best distraction of all time.

Who is this incredibly gifted Miami Marlins fan, you ask? Well, her name is Korina and she’s one of Marlins Man Mermaids. Marlins Man, of course, is a super rich sports fan who shows up to games dressed like everyone’s dad. He’s like the Hugh Hefner of baseball, and the Mermaids are his Playboy bunnies.

Here’s the man himself with some of his Mermaids:

These are some sexy ass troops #MarlinsMan #humble

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On Wednesday night, Korina decided to do God’s work by distracting St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil with the ol’ deep cleavage technique. How can you even focus on baseball with that going on?

Following her show behind home plate, Korina took to Twitter to explain herself.

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In the end, the Cardinals came away with the W, 7-5, but maybe Korina’s technique will work next time. If at first you don’t succeed…

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